Stop Burning Wood Pellets

I lately updated my fuel cost contrast chart as well as the outcomes were surprising. Since 3/20/06 it was really less costly in Metro Boston to heat with natural gas compared to with wood pellets!

During these times of gas cost volatility, it is necessary to maintain a close eye on the connection in between gas costs. Any kind of home owner who uses a wood pellet stove to supplement a gas furnace could be losing money by continuing to shed timber pellets when the rate of gas is falling.

If you could make use of a calculator, you’re just minutes away from figuring out which gas is the cheapest to burn at any provided time.

When you compare gas home heating costs see to it it’s apples to apples. The conventional quantity made use of for comparing property gas costs is 1,000,000 BTUs of gas heat material.

Price To Burn Wood Pellets

Given that a timber pellet stove requires just 125 lbs (1/16 of a ton) of pellets to create 1,000,000 BTUs, split the price each lot by 16. At $198 a bunch for wood pellets it costs $12.38 to generate 1,000,000 BTUs.

Price To Burn Gas

The cost each therm (check out your gas expense) of natural gas in Boston is $1.1813. When you multiply that by 10.30 (10.30 cubic feet) it sets you back $12.17 to generate 1,000,000 BTUs.

It’s simple to see that natural gas warmth currently sets you back regarding $0.21 less per 1,000,000 BTUs than timber pellets.

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