Should I Even Try To Fix This Pellet Stove?

I simply obtained an email the other day from a guy who has an older pellet stove looking for some substitute components. His question to me was ought to he also trouble attempting to fix it or simply get a brand-new stove.

This is a great concern and also maybe one you’re thinking about now. A sales person would certainly tell you that the old stove will certainly just keep splitting and you must get a new one. Well, naturally he’s going to state that because that is the only way for him to earn cash. I, on the other hand, just earn money when you acquire parts so I’m going to tell you the exact opposite. That can you rely on?

Right here is the truth. If there is a brand-new pellet stove that you really go like, go buy it! Do not invest a dime on dealing with a stove that you do not such as or that does not work well for your situation. However, if one pellet stove is equally as good as one more to you and also you have a basic mechanical knowledge, fix it!

Here is why. Pellet ovens are very easy equipments. They are absolutely nothing like an automobile or computer. They have lest than a lots components that can go bad and also there are usually only 4 components that ever go bad. These are:

The Auger Motor
The Exhaust/Combustion Fan/Blower
The Convection Fan
The Circuit Board

As long as you could get the components you require you will certainly spend way much less cash on fixing your stove. The truth is that there is no warranty that a brand-new stove will not have any type of problems. I have actually seen lots of brand-new ranges break and also there’s nothing worse than having something new break and not work even if it is under guarantee.

Pellet ovens are built from very thick steel that will last for a very long time. The electric motors and also electronic devices are more vulnerable and also will have to be changed periodically. As long as you could obtain these the stove will virtually last permanently. The pellet stove beside me aware on top of this blog is Two Decade old and still going! I can still get parts for it as well as deal with any kind of problem with it relatively merely.

In recap if you don’t like just what you have or cannot get components, go purchase a brand-new one. But if you like it and also can obtain components and have a basic mechanical knowledge, simply repair it …

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