Rebuilding or Resurrecting Pellet Stove Motors

It seems like two or 3 times a week I get a call or e-mail from a customer that is searching for info or parts to help them with reconstructing a motor for their pellet range. This can be and also auger electric motor, a convection follower or an exhaust/combustion blower. Typically there is a bearing or a bushing that has fallen short and also it appears like there must be components to repair it.

Why are these components so hard to find? A lot of these motors are very inexpensive costing less that $200. The firms that make these do not make a great deal of cash on them. If they were to provide components they would eliminate their sales for these tiny basic motors. With just a few parts setting you back less than $20 you could obtain them to practically last permanently however if you did you would not ever before acquire a brand-new electric motor. Electric motor manufacturers are mosting likely to do exactly what is most lucrative to them as long as the marketplace will certainly birth it and that is to sell only brand-new motors without substitute parts.

Definitely there are some parts you can replace, right? Wrong! My experience of 14 years in this company has actually never produced a success story in restoring motors. Several have tried just to discover that the component they seek could just be gotten if you acquire 5,000 of them from china.

I did have one guy find out that he can utilize a skateboard birthing to fix his exhaust follower but he wore out the bearing prior to he understood the need for high temperature grease in the bearing. When he eliminated the bearing and also tried a new one he curved the shaft which prevented his efforts.

By now I have actually listened to every story in guide on aiming to repair these little motors and also thus far it has been an overall wild-goose chase for all that have made efforts. Conserve yourself the time and also migraine of attempting to do this. Profits, there are no parts. You have to get a brand-new motor.

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