Harman PC 45 Corn Stove

Continuing on from Harman Pellet stove is the Harman COMPUTER 45 Corn Stove the state of art corn shedding stove, the PC 45 stove has been created to melt shelled corn however with a fast adjustment of a burn pot can be used to burn pellet fuel also, all without devices.

After careful research the Harman team located that some type of agitator was needed if there corn stove was to damage the magic 40,000 BTU. Commonly corn thaw and fuses and also forms partly charred clinkers, but if the burning corn is agitated these ‘clinkes’ will be separated and allowed to shed better. The corn ash expelled right into the ash pan of the Harman Corn Stove is better burned than others ovens in the market.

The PC 45 Corn Stove is created to be one of the longest between cleansing period about, where various other stoves need to be cleaned up every few days at most ideal, the PC 45 corn stove can last upto 2 weeks prior to the ash pan should be cleaned. The PC 45 is the initial functional auto-ignition corn stove available. The igniter is created to light corn in less than 5 mins.

Harman’s automated temperature level control gets rid of “hot/cold” cycles. The actual advantage of this system is performance through eliminating the 3 level “overshooting” of a set temperature, fuel is not lost by making the space warmer than is really desired.

The Harman PC 45 has a huge swing open ash door which is wonderful for eliminating the more than sized ash frying pan and includes bring handles for easy transportation.

The Harman PC 45 is conveniently converted to melting pellets. An optional grate set can be bought if the client wishes to alternate in between fuels. The corn igniter could spark pellets in less than one min after the initial feed stops.

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